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Groups at the Pestana Promenade

While staying at the Pestana Promenade, be sure to take advantage of all the fantastic experiences and leisure activities this location offers its visitors.

Whether or not you are a fan of adventurous hikes, make sure you explore the very famous “Levada Walks”. These walks are guided by mini-canals that are spread throughout the beautiful mountainous territory that carry rainfall to the drier regions of southern Madeira. Absolutely beautiful and unforgettable, these walks are sure to impress any nature-loving group.

A fantastic boat trip may also be organised for groups, as well as splendid tours to typical wine cellars. Here, aside from appreciating breathtaking views of the overwhelming natural beauty this region possesses and its wildlife, you may also taste some of Madeira’s finest wine in a unique and traditional context.

Another interesting activity for groups are excursions to embroidering factories - a great way learn about Madeira’s highly recognised culture and talented handcraft. Also, activities such as jet skiing, windsurfing and paragliding are all exciting leisure options that may be organised.

Don’t miss out on one-of-a-kind dining events accompanied by Madeira’s unique folklore music and dance, known as the “Bailinho da Madeira”. Delicious food, fun music and wonderful dresses and outfits will surely make this a perfect leisure experience for all groups.

Besides these fantastic offers, all groups may enjoy a world of superb amenities within the Pestana Promenade. A luxurious spa and Jacuzzi, various dining establishments and fantastic views of the ocean will all be complementary to your leisure time.