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Facilities at the Pestana Promenade

Making your experience at the Pestana Promenade memorable is a must. With a wide range of different facilities and services available, you can be sure to be constantly reminded of all luxury treatments you deserve to enjoy.

The Spa is one of the amazing facilities in the hotel. Representing ultimate relaxation, going to the Spa is always a great way to pamper yourself.

If you are more inclined to take a calming swim in a crystal clear swimming pool this too can be arranged. The outdoor swimming pool is one of the most gratifying amenities of the hotel. With a breath taking view of the ocean and with the hotels restaurants/bars nearby, feel free to take a dip during the early morning or towards the end of a warm afternoon. Open from 09.00 am to 06.00 pm, the outdoor swimming pool has a specific area for children so that everyone has the chance to share the quality of this superb facility.

Take some time to relax and use the hotel’s outdoor Jacuzzi, an excellent choice for those who want to be soothed with bubbles. With the capacity to hold 9 people, this gorgeous Jacuzzi is the ideal place to spend a calm and private moment with friends or family.

Aware of how important it is to keep in shape and be healthy, the Pestana Promenade has a fully equipped gymnasium for guests who want to keep up with their exercise routines. The gymnasium is rather spacious, and has a great view of the outdoor pool, ocean, and natural green surroundings. Within this beautiful setting you will be sure to be on your feet whenever it’s time to work out.

Whether you are on a family holiday or out with friends, playing a game is a good way to have fun, socialize and meet new people. Luckily you can find a game room with a nice range of entertaining options for you to choose from, including pool.

Besides these facilities, you will find other services that will facilitate your stay. If you are staying in a room that does not have wireless access to the Internet, you may consult and use the Internet on floor 5 (extra charge).

Other useful amenities are:

- Laundry and cleaning service (extra charge)

- Parking Service (extra charge)

- 24 hour medical Service (extra charge)

- All major credit cards are accepted